Are Your Interior Walls Starting to Fade?

Are Your Interior Walls Starting to Fade?

Bring back the color with interior painting in North Charleston, SC

Have you recently rearranged photographs on your wall and discovered how much the paint has faded? Don’t worry, Two Brushes Painting can bring your walls back to life. Two Brushes Painting in North Charleston, SC offers interior painting for residential and commercial property owners. Whether you just need a fresh coat of your original color or want to choose completely new colors, you can count on Two Brushes Painting to do the job right.

Our careful painting services include extensive prep work. That may mean sanding down your walls a little to make sure the area is ready for a smooth paint application. We also take care to paint only the areas you want painted without making a mess.

Get in touch with us today to pick out the colors you want for your rooms.

Set the mood

Color can be used to create different moods in different rooms. Consider the following when choosing your color schemes:

  • Soft, muted pastels or neutrals may be better for bedrooms.
  • Bright, vibrant colors work well in children’s playrooms.
  • Light, bright colors can create a crisp look in your kitchen.

We paint with Sherwin-Williams products, so you can expect quality paint no matter which colors you choose. Call us today at 843-754-0671 to discuss your interior paint project.